Attract & Retain Good Employees

As your worksite health promotion partner, FO Fitness will equip your organization with the tools necessary to maintain a healthier workforce and protect your most important asset, your employees. Our certified fitness team will work with your employees at your workplace, our place, and or your designated place of choice. Many forward-thinking companies now offer health-promoting programs to their employees and through our budget-friendly programs, we reduce your bottom line as health care costs increases. 

We offer:


  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Nutrition Counseling and Seminars

  • Personal Fitness Training

  • Massage Therapy

  • Corporate Health and Fitness Getaways

  • Corporate Wellness Events and Challenges


Our corporate health and wellness programs help your employees:


  • Achieve Optimal Health

  • Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity

  • Increase Muscle Mass

  • Improve Immunity, Morale

  • Decrease Body Fat, Health-Related Costs

  • Reduced Absenteeism

  • Stronger Teamwork

  • Enhance Employee Retention and Recruitment

Promote fitness in your workplace, partner with FO Fitness to attract and retain good employees, keep workers healthy, improve employee productivity, improve employee morale, and contain employee health care costs!