DanceDance Revolution

Description and Features:

The screen lights up and your feet begin to tingle. The music starts and you feel the beat move through you. A smile slips into place as you realize it’s your favorite tune. All around you are your friends and classmates, singing and moving to the same beat. Your heartbeat picks up as you begin to sweat, feeling the excitement of everyone dancing together to this amazing song. Welcome to DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition!

DanceDanceRevolution® Classroom Edition (DDRCE) is an interactive dance video game that helps individuals stay active and fit, combining physical dancing with vibrant graphics and the latest pop hits. Industry experts, school administrators, and doctors have praised DDRCE as an innovative and fun way to promote exercise and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

While the class is dancing to the sounds of Hot Chelle Rae, Kelly Clarkson, and Cady Groves, DDRCE is helping to develop team-building skills, providing quality exercise, and most important, providing a fun outlet for students. DDRCE is the start of a Healthy Revolution!