Fitness Events

Partner with FO Fitness events to achieve your health and wellness goals!

Are you planning an event? Would you like to promote work-life balance with your family, friends, neighbors and associates? Would you like a fitness trainer to speak to your organization about health and wellness? Or perhaps you would like an instructor to lead a class for your organization or family event?

FO Fitness will assess your organization’s nutritional and fitness needs, and work with you to devise the right program.   We will teach best practices to exercise safely, and provide guidance with a step-by-step program to achieve health and fitness goals. Our tailored programs will help meet the needs of all your organization’s participants, from those that have never stepped foot in a gym to the elite and professional athlete. We will take on your goal to improve the health and wellness of your organization and bring our fun filled challenging activities to get your group moving!

We run our events in:

  • Agencies

  • Churches

  • Community Groups

  • Family

  • Fraternities/Sororities

  • Government

  • Organizations

  • Residential Associations

  • Schools

  • Sports Teams and Associations

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