FO Fitness’s kickboxing class combines techniques from the martial arts, including boxing, basic Thai kickboxing techniques, resistance training, strength, cardio conditioning and flexibility training to provide an exercise program that is different than anything you have ever experienced!

Expect to jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, to tone your arms while developing good technique, strength and power. Use combinations such as high knees/kicking/squatting to shape your Glutes, Legs and Abs. Improve your overall fitness level to include cardiovascular endurance, cardiovascular strength, muscular endurance and muscular strength using medicine balls, plyometrics and more!

No experience required, all you have to do is show up ready to train.

FO Fitness kickboxing targets and improve all areas of fitness including but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance

  • Cardiovascular and Muscular Strength

  • Body Fat Loss

  • Coordination and Neuromuscular Control

  • Agility

  • Anticipatory and Reactive Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

Attire and what to bring:

  • Loose-fitting, functional workout clothing made of breathable material to allow air flow

  • Proper gym shoes, comfortable fit

  • Water and a towel

  • Hand Wraps

  • Workout Gloves

Kickboxing to improve fitness, power, flexibility, coordination and agility.