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FO Fitness Performance Enhancement training programs are purpose-driven and tailored to each individual athlete's sports and position. These training programs are systematically designed to progress any athlete by utilizing sports-specific conditioning to efficiently and effectively prepare athletes for optimal performance.  

FO Fitness Sports Performance Enhancement programs will: 

  • Improve your athleticism. 

  • Enhance your whole-body strength, stability, and movement quality.

  • Activate the entire spectrum of muscle contraction (eccentric, isometric, and concentric).

While improvements in strength, power, and speed are often the highlights of athlete development; at FO Fitness, we understand that programming for today's athletes must also address factors such as appropriate forms of flexibility, increasing stabilization strength and endurance, and training in a multiplanar environment. All of these forms of training have been specifically designed to follow the physiological principles of the Human Movement System to provide a progression to training, minimizing injury, and maximizing the athlete's results.

Off-Season Training

The most intense training should occur when furthest from its’ competitive pinnacle. A chance to develop additional strength, speed, and power you need for next year's season. In order to effectively perform at their peak during the season, athletes must maintain their performance training once the season has concluded. As the saying goes, "Championships are won in the offseason." 


In-Season Training

Allows for muscle maintenance and injury prevention during the rigors of an intense season, and allows individuals or teams to peak at the right time. In-season training will help maintain strength, power, agility, and flexibility, it will help reduce injury and increase recovery, and help individuals and teams keep performing at top levels without developing bad habits.


Our sports training philosophy is simple: Provide athletes with the most effective, up-to-date education, training techniques, technology, and coaching in a motivating, and engaging training environment fostering unmatched results. Our certified trainers are dedicated to changing the lives of every athlete we train.


Our philosophy expands into the array of services we provide our athletes:


  • Athlete Life Skills (Leadership, Accountability, Goal Setting)

  • Core Training

  • Flexibility

  • Hand-eye Coordination and Reaction Drills

  • Joint Integrity

  • Metabolic Conditioning and Metabolic Profile Testing

  • Power and Plyometrics

  • Recovery and Regeneration

  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training —We train you on how to move!

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Strength

Sports Performance Training at FO Fitness
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