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18 Piece Gym in a Bag
Resistance Bands with anti-snap Safety material

Barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, and resistance training machines are heavy, stationary and require space. Limitations associated with conventional resistance training equipment might restrain therapists, patients and the general population from using this form of exercise. Moreover, many people do not have the interest or opportunity to exercise at a fitness center. FOlastics anti-snap resistance bands require little space, are affordable, rugged, light and portable. FOlastics resistance bands are a Gym in a Bag can be used in your house, office, at the gym, beach, on almost any surface with a sturdy object. 

FOlastics Resistance Bands - Gym in a Bag

Package Includes:


6 x Resistance Bands

Heavy-duty anti-snap protective sleeve resistance bands from 5lb to 30lbs. It can be adjusted to fit your strength level. Attach one, two, three or all six bands to the easy-grip, padded rubber handles or ankle straps that offer great comfort even during your most challenging workouts.

  • 1 x Light band - 5lb

  • 1 x Medium band - 10lb

  • 1 x Heavy band - 15lb

  • 1 x Extra Heavy Band - 20lb

  • 1 x Ultra Heavy Band - 25lb

  • 1 x Super Heavy Band - 30lb


2 x Handles

  • The handles are made from hard, rigid plastic with soft foam in the middle.

  • Removable hand grip set includes two premium padded hand grips and two premium stainless steel wire gate carabiner clips. Compatible with exercise bands and cable machines.


2 x Ankle Straps

  • Made of soft nylon and velcro. 

  • Necessary for several upper and lower body exercises.

  • You can also use these straps on your wrists in case you are lacking grip strength.

Door Anchor

1 x Door Anchor

  • FOlastics Door Anchor is made with thick heavy-duty nylon webbing to withstand 300 pounds of tension.

  • The Door Anchor Stopper is very large and soft, built to protect doors from scratching and denting.

  • The Door Anchor Loop is made with an additional neoprene padding to help preserve your resistance bands from damage.


1 x Multi-Purpose Anchor

  • Capable of being used in a variety of places where the structure is sturdy. 


3 x Carabiner

  • 1/4" Snap Opening, 1/4" Eye Diameter, 140 lb Work-load limit

  • Versatile binding, rigging & anchoring ankle straps - quick connect/dis-connect of resistance bands and ankle straps

  • Push gate in to open - auto-close spring gate with interlock tooth prevents force open

  • Enable users to add or remove resistance to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group.


1 x Carrying Bag

  • FOlastics comes in a one square foot pouch of black nylon with velcro to store your precious cargo.

  • Carrying handle for easy transport

workout ANYWHERE
Turn your home, office, outdoors into a gym
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