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The 5 Meals A Day Healthy Eating Plan

Now, you may be asking yourself how eating 5 times a day could possibly be good for you! This eating plan, of course, consists of good, healthy foods along with good habits- you cannot eat pizza 5 times per day to be a lean, mean working machine. The only thing you would be is a big blob of blubber! Foods high in carbohydrates, like pizza, drag you down, bloat you and deplete your energy. It is time for you to change your habits and start eating light and healthy.

Your first step to change your #lifestyle and your #eatinghabits is to start the day with a good healthy breakfast. Your body needs source of protein and carbohydrate at breakfast. (see examples at end of page for recipe ideas). Continue your day eating a good source of protein, carbohydrates and some fats every 3-4 hours. Do not let your body go more than 4 hours without food as you may slow down your metabolism. What we are working towards is to raise your #metabolicrate so you can burn calories all day long. Drink plenty of water before and after meals and throughout the day to curb your appetite. You want to flush out any toxins and excess fat in your body.

Try to plan your meals with the foods you enjoy. If you do not like tuna, do not force yourself to eat it. You will never stay consistent if you are dreading what you have to eat. Eat your meals slowly while sitting down. Too many of us eat on the run, standing in the kitchen or in the car. We do not give our bodies the chance to tell our brains we are satisfied and as you know, if you are not satisfied, you might overeat. There are going to be days that you might “fall off the bandwagon.” For example, you might eat a high fat meal or overeat at dinner. If this happens, do not give up- just get right back on your #eatingplan the next day and your body will not be affected. If you thrown in the towel, that is where you get into trouble. If you make a mistake at work, you don’t just quit your job - you correct it and move forward. Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit.

Here are some tips to follow if body fat loss is your goal:

  • Have your food steamed, baked, broiled or roasted.

  • Eliminate any rich, thick sauces and soups such as bernaise, hollandaise, alfredos and sauces (marinara is a better choice).

  • Remove skin and fat from chicken.

  • Eliminate butter all together.

  • Eat smaller portions - more often - never stuff yourself.

  • Share dessert - do not eat the whole thing by yourself!

  • Learn to just have a taste - if it is a food you cannot resist, stay away from it all together.

  • Chew gum while baking - especially during the holidays.

  • Ask for your salad dressing on the side - dip your fork in for taste.

  • Do not go out to dinner starved - this will lead you to over eat. Drink water before your meals.

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