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When you do Not feel like working out

Updated: Nov 5, 2017

Unfortunately from time to time, you will have minor setbacks. Remember that fitness is a lifelong commitment much like eating and sleeping. You would not try to jam all your food or sleep into one session and give up. The same is true with exercise. Remember, just as not every meal you ever had was great nor was every night’s sleep perfect, neither will every exercise session be great or perfect.

There will be times you won’t feel like exercising, but just do 5 to 10 minutes of your program and you will be amazed how differently you will feel after that. The hardest part of doing exercise is getting the motivation to just do it. Don’t let negative self-talk and inertia destroy your health and good intentions. On days you don’t feel like exercising, just do 2 or 3 of your favorite exercises--it is better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing.

Set yourself up to be successful. Don’t let friends and relatives sabotage your program. Establish a regular exercise time when you feel your best and that is convenient to your schedule. Don’t be a fitness dropout, rather be a fitness achiever! Regular, sensible exercise is the key to being the best you can be! Most people feel better after doing their exercise program. Establish a positive addiction to exercise. A positive addiction is something that is good for you. While a negative addiction may feel good while you are doing it (e.g., eating ice cream or drinking), it is bad for you and may at times leave you feeling worse after doing it.

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